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investAHSC is a statewide, cross-sector coalition of affordable housing, transit, environmental justice, and community stakeholders, as well as local elected officials, working to ensure that California continues to fund the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program (AHSC).

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What is AHSC?

The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) is one of our state’s largest funding sources for affordable housing. AHSC pairs affordable housing with high-quality transportation investments to foster healthy, well-connected communities. At its core, AHSC is a successful program for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helping advance our State goals for a healthier, more sustainable California. 

investAHSC Advisory Committee

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California Vanpool Expansion Project


"You don’t need to bring your own car . . . and if [the van] breaks down, they bring you another later, or they help you. They don’t let you down. It’s a good service."

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